Government Conspiracies

Government Conspiracies

The New World Order Conspiracy theory has one fatal flaw: and that is that mankind, no matter how cruel they are depicted throughout history, will still follow their own nature without being diabolical, purely intellectual, beings that exist entirely for the sake of controlling other people. Of course, people would like to consider controlling others, or world domination may be a passing though; perhaps somebody may seriously pursue it. But, in the end, they’re going to question their code of ethics and whether or not their decisions for Controlling the World is, in actuality, a decision which is good for themselves in the end.

The only reason in which I could even consider that an organisation is working to control us and create one Government is that the members of the organisation, whoever they may be, already have answers to the divine purpose of mankind, and that their divine purpose is somewhat related to putting mankind under one roof – so to speak. Yet, even if this is the case, it still goes against my argument regarding human nature, ethics and intuitive, for if somebody were to finally answer some of Philosophy’s deepest, most unknown, questions, then it would seem natural that they would share it and write it down with reasoning that concludes why the world has to have a New World Order.

Perhaps people are mistaking the prediction of the New World Order because of reading from science fiction novels (notably 1984 and Brave New World), as well as the fact that the Government IS controlling us in the respect that they maintain equality and civility at the expense of some of our own liberty and freedom. Yes, supermarkets have extremely long aisles of food and their speakers chant songs of propaganda; yes, the current economic situation that our world is in seems largely unnatural; but these are both consequences of what has led us to genuinely believe that civility and stability comes from such a system, as well as marketing ploys used by businesses.

In the meantime, I find the point of this ‘New World Order’ too dull to pursue for man, unless it is either just for human stability and equality, or for whatever divine purpose. If it is for a divine purpose, then I’m afraid I’m not about to give up my beliefs in Philosophy and knowledge of Western history in Philosophy because of mere conspiracies. However, if the New World Order is just a case of simple Politics going on an unnatural path, then I won’t stand to see such things happen. I already loathe walking through a Supermarket aisle for the reason that the current state of Government and marketing ploys are very unnerving — and in this respect I could see your point of view about the New World Order, but if it ever happens then there are many resolutions to change your lifestyle out of such a morbid image, such as moving to a different country which condones nomadic lifestyles. And yet, even if the latter does occur, then I’m almost certain that it’s not for some diabolical reason because mankind’s nature is to have a code of intuitive ethics. Conspiracies lack fundamental rationality and reasoning so much that I choose not to believe them.


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